Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten: 2 days through 5 days a week programs

Primary School: Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Secondary School: 6th Grade through 12th Grade

Educational Philosophy

We will:

-Teach with daily Bible lessons (not teaching any church's specific doctrines) that God is the creator of the universe, Jesus is His Son and the Holy Spirit is our guiding force.

-Teach by lesson and example that God made each of us special with a plan for our lives and that He loves us.

-Provide an environment that gives our students the opportunity to learn by doing - moving from concrete, hands-on experiences, to more abstract concept development which develops a lifetime of creative living and learning.

-Encourage social development by providing opportunities for dealing in and with appropriate and positive social situations.

-Provide experiences to develop responsibility for one's own actions in self-help, health, and interpersonal areas, and to exercise appropriate independence.

-Encourage physical development through participation in athletic activities.

-Encourage creativity by offering many kinds of materials and experiences in music, art, dramatics, literature, and oral skills.

-Provide project-based experiences, especially in Science and Social Studies. 

Inside The Classroom

Small Instructional Groups


Although Kindergarten students through Grade 5 students are in one room, all grade-level instruction is done in small groups which enables the teachers to teach to each student.  

One-on-One Study


Low student-teacher ratio provides time and opportunity for students to receive individual attention.  

Enrichment Speakers


  Speakers are brought in to supplement units of study and improve students appreciation and understanding of that unit.  



“Workshop” is a management system in which students complete a series of 'tasks' for practicing concepts which have been taught. This teaches self-motivation and time management.

iPads and Computer Lab


iPads are available for each student to use to supplement concepts taught. There are so many educational apps available! The Computer Lab is used to practice keyboarding, do research, and play games!  

Buddy Helpers


Each kindergarten, first, and second grade student is assigned an older "buddy" in the class. The older "buddy" helps the younger "buddy" with technology, group art projects, field trips, Social Studies and Science projects.

Outside the Classroom

Field Trips


Since the motto of LCCS is “If I can do it, I can learn it,” many field trips are taken to supplement areas of study. The school’s buses provide transportation, and Tulsa’s museums, attractions, public facilities, and business communities provide interesting interaction for our students.  

Physical Education


P.E. classes are held for Kindergarten through Secondary School Monday through Thursday. Gross motor training, coordination skills, games skills, and fun are taught!  



Kindergarten through Secondary students go to the Case Tennis Center in Tulsa in the fall and spring to take tennis lessons. Basic skills are taught through games and challenges.

Bike Week


During a week in the fall and a week in the spring, students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade bring their bikes to school. We go on “bike hikes” through the adjacent neighborhood. This teaches many skills (following rules, bike safety, cooperation, motor skills) and is fun!

Dramatic Arts


An important part of LCCS curriculum is performing in front of a group. We have a Christmas program and a Spring program, in which the Preschool and PreKindergarten classes sing and dance on a stage before an audience, and the Primary and Secondary school perform a musical.



LCCS is a Non-Profit Corporation (501(C)3) and operates solely on students’ tuition and various fundraisers. The school is independent, not sponsored by a church or business. Fundraisers are used to help defray extra expenses (playground equipment, technology, etc.). Box Tops for Education and sales of “On the Town” coupon books are examples of these fundraisers.    



Volunteering at Sand Springs Community Services


Selling Bracelets to Help the Homeless


Fire Fighters / Police

We honor our community's heroes. We teach our children the importance of police and fire in our town. We invite them into our school all throughout the year.

See You At The Pole


LCCS participated in the yearly See You At The Pole gathering on September 26, 2018.

We prayed for our country, our schools, our teachers, and our students.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the national anthem.

Thanksgiving Dinner


The children act out the Thanksgiving Story every year. The secondary students film the primary students. They turn it into a movie using all the different scenes they shoot.


Primary and Secondary students work hard for 2 weeks preparing all the food. Turkey, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, are among the delicious foods they prepare.


Families are invited to join in with all the students and staff to eat their delicious meal.




Christmas Play Songs 2019

Parents of Lake Country, 

Please download your songs to your child's device so they can listen to them. Thank you!